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Welcome to Fort Sanders OBGYN! We are happy to be partners with you for prenatal care during your pregnancy

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Your Prenatal


Click here to find more about what to expect in pregnancy, obstetrical calendars, optional testing, dietary recommendations, acceptable medications in pregnancy, and how to manage common discomforts of pregnancy.

Additional Optional Services

At Fort Sanders OBGYN, we offer several additional services to our pregnant patients. These services are not covered by insurance and are at an additional cost to the patient. Some of these services include 3D/4D ultrasound, Prenatal classes, early gender ultrasound (gender is identified regardless at the included anatomy ultrasound), and a teddy bear with your child’s recorded heartbeat. Click here to learn more!

Are you in labor?

Click here to learn when to call a doctor, who to call, and where you will go in the event that you are in labor or in need of further evaluation.

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