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Where do I go?

When you arrive at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center, go to the emergency department, and from there you will be transported to Labor and Delivery.

Admission to the Hospital
• You will be evaluated by a nurse in the triage area or an LDR room and she will contact the doctor.  Your cervix will be examined and the baby will be monitored.

• If you are in labor you will be admitted to an LDR room.  You may be sent home if you are in false or early labor.  (It is best to avoid admission until active labor begins.)

• Sometimes patients may be observed for an hour or so and then re-examined to see if the cervix has changed.  You may be allowed to get up and walk during this time.

• Sometimes pain medication or a sleeping aid will be offered to make you more comfortable.  This will be given before you go home to help you rest.