Urinary Incontinence - Evaluation and Treatment
Fort Sanders OB/GYN was the first practice in Knoxville to offer detailed, electronic bladder testing called Urodynamics. We have always been a leader in offering the best options for correction of Urinary leakage. We can help you determine the best choice for your situation. We offer medical therapies, minimally invasive slings, and Interstim.

Overactive Bladder
Do you live in the bathroom? Do you know every bathroom at the Mall? Do you have to get up more than once at night? You might have an Overactive Bladder. We can offer medical therapies as well as Interstim therapy.

Urgency and Frequency
Urgency is the severe and sudden need to empty the bladder. This can be related to a severe form of Overactive Bladder or due to Interstitial Cystitis. We can evaluate your situation to help you decide in treatment options.

Interstim Therapy
Many women cannot tolerate medications for Overactive Bladder or Urge Incontinence due to side effects. Interstim is an implantable stimulation device much like a pacemaker for the heart. There is a simple test-phase for the first week to make sure the therapy will work and then there is a second phase where the permanent device is placed under the skin.

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